pareo Velvet

12 Grey 05 Firecracker
13 Nero 39 Burnt Sienna
14 White 23 Ensign blue
14 White 38 Pale Pink
14 White 65 Bluebell
16 Grezzo 05 Firecracker
16 Grezzo 13 Nero
16 Grezzo 29 Perrier
16 Grezzo 41 New red
24 Iron 14 White
39 Burnt Sienna 13 Nero
43 Strawberry Pink 41 New red
54 Desert Sand 13 Nero
54 Desert Sand 16 Grezzo
55 Mellow Rose 16 Grezzo
75 Baked Apple 76 Syrah

The velvet pareo has a 5mm velvet border in a contrasting color. Crafted in super soft organic cotton. Easy to wear and easy to pack.

Wear as a shawl or a wrap round, in summer or winter – styling options are limitless. Offered in myriad of colours. Let your imagination run wild. fresh in the summer, 1x2mt.

Because of the variations in monitor calibrations and technology, colors, scale and texture can vary — sometimes greatly, swatch colors aren't guaranteed to be accurate.

material guide
  • Hand wash separately in cold water, no ironing, over time some fading of colours may naturally occur.
  • Ambas garments are hand-woven from natural fibres and hand-dyed by traditional craftsmen.
  • All pieces are unique and can slightly vary in tone, size and finish.
  • Some irregularities may be present, inherent to a production process by craftsmen.